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James Scott

I was born in Australia, in a place called Leongatha, in Gippsland, near Melbourne Victoria. I lived in Footsgray, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. I moved to Hastings, New Zealand when he was 8 years old where I lived on farms in the area for several years. I then moved to Havelock nth.

I attended school at St Mary’s, then St Johns College. 

I worked for Telecom New Zealand for 25 years, then drove Taxis.

I moved to America in 1991 where I did all sorts of jobs, even driving 18 wheelers for a while.

I started work up in Yosemite National Park, as a computer tech. I loved it up in Yosemite where I took lots of photo’s.

I received my first camera for my 12th birthday and have been a keen photographer ever since.

I am married to Lynette and have two children, Carmel & Steven.  Steven is married and has three boys.  Carmel is studying to be a nurse in New Zealand.

I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and currently work in Modesto, CA, USA, as a Freelance Photographer. I have opened a small studio in Modesto, just off Yosemite drive, at 110 Santa Barbara ave.


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